GreenField Naturals was created to provide the highest quality food inclusion products that add flavor and nutrition to your food.

GreenField Naturals products are produced using a chemical free process to provide the greatest health benefits and taste.  We are dedicated to provide the highest level of quality.

GreenField Naturals is a subdivision of GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc. (formerly GreenField Ethanol Inc. ), Canada’s largest ethanol producer.  GreenField Naturals is the sister company to Commercial Alcohols and Pharmco-AAPER which are North Americas premier providers of industrial alcohol, beverage alcohol and solvents.

Our Family of  Companies:

GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc:  www.gfsa.com
Commercial Alcohols:  www.comalc.com
PHARMCO-AAPER:  www.pharmcoaaper.com